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Who We Are

Montage Media Production Company is a Los Angeles-based production company founded by E’Ian West, that partners with a dynamic mix of entertainment professionals. Our seasoned team of production professionals utilize a globally diverse reach and ever evolving commitment to creative content.

Our Philosophy

It is the collective belief among the Montage Media Production Company that top-shelf talent and innovative ideas deserve the highest-quality production. We join our finely-tuned forces to deliver digital and broadcast content across premium multi-media platforms.

Our Relationships

Our well-versed team boasts a vast range of industry experience and deep relationships with influencers and media worldwide. Merging expertise in both creative concepts and execution, we celebrate a distinguished production portfolio.



Project Submission Policy

We have a firm policy against accepting unsolicited content; therefore, we are unable to accept any submissions that are unsolicited. You should also be aware that we are actively developing and producing a number of projects, some of which may be similar to the materials you desire to submit.

As a matter of policy, Montage Media Production Company only accepts submissions from whom we regularly conduct business. Accordingly, we will reject all submissions that are unsolicited and not received from the above entities. Furthermore, we request that you do not send any correspondence relating to your project to anyone who works for Montage Media Production Company.

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